These approaches are based on the work of thriving ministers and ministries seeing growth in the number of people who are passionate about the Catholic faith. Log in to the live webinars to participate in our question-and-answer sessions or watch the free recordings at your convenience. However, with the growing number of Latino English Language Learners students in Catholic high schools, more needs to be done to ensure these students are noticed, valued, and educated well.Rather than a theoretical discussion of best practices in equity instruction, Pamela Patnode will provide concrete, proven ideas used by Catholic high school educators in a high performing, culturally diverse, urban, Catholic school. Using stories from her life and work with teens in Catholic high schools and parish youth ministry, Katie Prejean will offer practical ways anyone can become better at evangelization using engaging and relational methods. Christine's special love is bringing together the gifts of monastic tradition with the power of the expressive arts, and offering tools and practices to cultivate one's inner monk and artist. Join bestselling authors, Br. After a short general introduction, the methods are explained. Do you find yourself becoming angry and stressed out over what's going on around you? How can a parish foster a deeper relationship with Christ in Scripture among parishioners? In this informative webinar based on his book The Heart of Catholicism, Bert Ghezzi presents a vivid picture of what it means to be a Catholic. Join Sr. Margaret Kelly and Dr. Larry Boone for tips on auditing the communication effectiveness of parishes and church organizations as well as practical means for making meetings instruments of community-building and organizational strength. But a look at our Church’s history reveals that conflict is a part of every Christian’s life. There are a number of opportunities and challenges facing youth ministers in the Church today. Mark Gray, senior research associate at the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, and Neil Parent, project director for Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership, for a presentation on the results of a nationally representative survey of parish leaders. Join Cynthia Psencik, director of the office of youth ministry for the Archdiocese of New York, and Armando Cervantes, director of youth and young adults and interim director of Hispanic ministry for the Diocese of Orange, as they discuss and share how authentic dialogue can help us make the changes needed in our communities. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe es la más conocida y es la Patrona de América, pero todo país de Latinoamérica y el Caribe tiene como patrona una advocación mariana distinta. This webinar will help you to consider foundational relationships in a parish women’s group; women’s ministry leadership as a call within a call; methods for outreach; and approaches to building a leadership team that helps women serve with their charisms. Share these strategies with your parishioners, students, and other ministry professionals to help them overcome anger and live more peacefully. How do we, as the Church, minister to these caregivers? FREE Webinars from Ave Maria Press Posted on 08/15/2019 by FaithFormation. Parish ministry can be a very rewarding vocation. 564Vivimos en un mundo en el que cada vez es más urgente afirmar en qué creemos los católicos. In this unique webinar event, authors of the bestselling book Rebuilt will walk Fr. Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories ... $44.95 All Ave Maria Press textbooks are available in a number of … This webinar will help those working in parishes, youth ministry, and schools. Este webinar es una invitación a profundizar en la riqueza de lo que creemos como cristianos yenamorarnos más del Dios que se revela en la historia. This approach involves intentional pastoral care and accompaniment to tend to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and economic wounds of those who struggle through this crisis moment – and beyond. Reflexionamos también en la experiencia y contribuciones de los católicos hispanos a la construcción de una Iglesia que es comunión en esta esquina del mundo. 565Twelve-step addiction recovery and sacramental healing through the Catholic Church share key overlapping principles. Sign up here and choose the ways you would like us to keep you informed. We live in an increasingly anti-Christian culture and so did the first disciples. To help the parish and diocesan leaders prepare themselves and their teens for this landmark event, Ave Maria Press is partnering with the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers (NFCYM) and the National Association of Catholic Youth Ministry Leaders (NACYML) to gather a panel of experts to help everyone in attendance get the most out of their experience before, during, and after NCYC. With over thirty-five years of experience in parish ministry and in working intimately with Church leaders, Bob Schuchts has led many into profound healing encounters with Jesus. How we listen to homilies (and how we help others listen) is an important part of evangelism and parish ministry. Ave Maria Press's fall line up for 2017. Larry W. Boone PhD, and Mary Ann Dantuono, J.D.,of the Vincentian Center for Church and Society present a number of topics found in their recently published book, "A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management.". In this webinar Marcel LeJeune, founder of, will guide you through an exploration of the stages of pre-evangelization, evangelization, and discipleship. These conversations often cause tension among families, friends, and fellow Christians. Jesus taught us about loving our neighbor, feeding the hungry, and forgiving multiple times. The webinar will introduce participants to the topics of the book as well as extend the conversation for those participants who already have some familiarity with it. In this panel discussion, representatives from three dioceses who have experimented with mobile apps this year will share their experiences in creating and leveraging mobile technology to reach Catholics in their areas. Lent is the time when the Church is on retreat. Are you looking for ways to inspire young people to learn about their faith? But there's another, more spiritually effective way to approach Lent. Join her for a conversation about what happens next now that the synod is over. Many people 75 years and older are living these words through losses, illness, and uncertainties. In this webinar, Claire Swinarski offers information and insight on how to empower the women in your parish to understand that to be pro-woman is to be pro-life. In doing so, he has accepted the risk of being misunderstood. Join the discussion on moving parish vitality forward while going back to the basics. Back to Webinar Videos. Most Catholics have a desire to pray but when a full calendar gets in the way, prayer can be the first thing to go. No existe una mejor fórmula que el Credo para dar razón de nuestras convicciones de fe cuando nos piden razón de nuestra esperanza. COVID-19 has also forced us to dream up new approaches that have the potential to sustain us long after the pandemic has subsided. She directed Ave Explores, an Ave Maria Press initiative that analyzed the Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment in October. In this Webinar, Anthony Garascia will focus on how host couples or group sessions can help engaged couples prepare best for their marriage. Lent can be a blessed season of renewal if kept in a meaningful and realistic way. The goal of this presentation is to help parish leaders present the fourteen works of mercy in a way that is practical and helpful for families. In this webinar, Peter Ductram will discuss the vision of the Church in the United States for catechesis with people with special needs and the effective implementation of that vision. In this panel discussion, a group of Catholic young adult leaders will discuss the current state of young adult ministry in the Catholic Church and share their greatest successes and learning experiences in reaching this very important group of people. There are many ways that social media can help with that. Join author Lisa Hendey for a look at how to make this Advent season meaningful for yourself and others, while at the same time seeking peace and a sense of amazement at the splendor of God's love. The five lectio divina questions we use to encounter Christ in Scripture can be applied to everything we teach. In this webinar, Deb Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson, cofounders of Nourish for Caregivers, will help you learn how supporting caregivers strengthens families and our parishes and extends Christ’s love to the community. In this webinar, we'll look at four distinct ways the Catholic tradition talks about the word “truth” and consider how each of them gives us clues for how to live our faith in this challenging time. Smyth will dive into the practical ways that parents, teachers, and those working in ministry can pass along the Catholic faith in a way that captures the hearts of young people and gives them a worldview that can withstand the competing messages of their culture. What about a spiritual top 10? In this webinar, Jared Dees will introduce the five lectio divina questions and share dozens of immediately implementable strategies that will help your students learn, meditate, pray, contemplate, and take action in class. It is a time to awaken within us a deep desire Christ's presence and to awaken our hearts to God's faithfulness. Christopher Anderson of the National Association of Lay Ministers (NALM) and Dr. J. Michael McMahon of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) explain the background to the new lay ecclesial minister certification process. Éste es un gran recurso para catequistas y evangelizadores interesados en presentar el tema de la Iglesia con entusiasmo. Bob Schuchts, founder of the John Paul II Healing Center, will share insights gleaned from more than three decades as a marriage and family therapist about how to cultivate intimacy, restore friendship, and repair trust. This webinar will explore both the theological and ritual changes to one of the earliest rites promulgated after the Second Vatican Council. The COVID-19 crisis has many parish leaders scrambling for funds so that they can keep their doors open and fulfill their mission. Participants will be excited to practice the works of mercy themselves and, at the same time, able to convince others to join them. Rev. Leadership books pack bookstore shelves, but few are rooted in an authentically Catholic perspective. We will never share or sell your information. Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet say that it’s all about spending time with God, rather than demanding things from him. Loughlan Sofield, S.T., and Sr. Carroll Juliano, S.H.C.J. What can we do to address their struggles, which include losses in relationships, loneliness, and crises of faith? Lauri Przybysz, Catholic family life minister, catechist, and president of NACFLM, understands how parish ministers spend a great deal of care and energy in meeting the needs of the families they serve. to help those listening to homilies make the best of it! Michael White and Tom Corcoran—authors of the bestselling Rebuilt and the Rebuilt Parish series—will help you get more comfortable with the issue of money so that your parish can have the resources it needs to fund its mission and vision. Get Families Talking about Relationships, Sex, and Safety (live on 11/19) by NFCYM Click here to view webinar. In this webinar, Fr. As the founder of Mercy Beyond Borders, she currently works with women in South Sudan and Haiti. The webinar will describe the nature of the research and present the data most likely to affect pastoral leaders as they seek to remain relevant and effective in their respective roles. The Holy Spirit wants to animate the lives and impact the ministries of Catholic leaders today. Heaped on top of that is the social stigma that comes with both mental illness and suicide. It's the start of a new year, a time when most of us reflect on our lives and set some goals. Often as experienced ministers we are asked to mentor and/or supervise a new minister in the field. Raab for an hour of guided reflection on how to prepare your own heart to be unsheltered, open, vulnerable, and free. A webinar with Neil Parent about Adult Faith Formation. It is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and accompany those young men and women in the spirit of Pope Francis’s Christus Vivit. We accept that the Bible contains the truth, but we also find apparent inconsistencies that are the consequence of God coming to us in a language we can understand. This webinar presents a step-by-step guide to set teens, and you who minister to them, on fire for Jesus Christ and lead them on the way to Heaven. Technology is changing fast. What happens when a new volunteer signs up to be a leader for young people in ministry? Much of parish ministry defaults to running programs, which is problematic. Based on the acronym LIFE (love, infatuation, friendship, and exploitation), her approach has been used successfully with teens for many decades. In this webinar, Paul Jarzembowski, assistant director for the Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth of the USCCB, will explore the phenomenon and offer creative ideas for engaging young adults during these moments of return and beyond. In these challenging times, we all need extra grace and St Ignatius Loyola recommends returning to the graces God has shared with us with a spirit of gratitude to renew a sense of peace and trust in the moment. Learn how to listen to homilies the right way! Join Ave Maria Press online for a series of free, professional development webinars for parish ministers! "I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.," Pope Francis wrote in his apostolic exhortation The Joy of the Gospel. Bowling, director of the Office of Family Ministries for the Archdiocese of Louisville, came upon Joined by Grace, a marriage prep program that emphasized the connection between marriage and the other six sacraments. 1:03:55. Use code FREE25. Established as a major Catholic book publisher and still owned by the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Ave Maria Press is home to Sorin Books, Forest of Peace, and Christian Classics. LPI webinars. We want them to see hope for their futures, and possibilities for flourishing in harmony with the Church. But are we approaching our resolutions from the wrong perspective? As a result, families who lose a loved one to suicide are very often left in shock and intensely burdened with shame. Today's Church is seeking to serve an increasingly "wired" population. Hooking up involves the use of sex not as a way to foster communication but to avoid it.In this webinar, Dr. Timothy O’Malley will show how the Church's theology of marriage can offer a healing medicine for those seeking love in a hookup culture.He will also share helpful tips for all those who work with young adults or prepare couples for the sacrament of marriage. In this webinar Roy Petitfils will identify the difference between good and bad stress. Peter J. Vaghi for an informative reflection on the four pillars of the faith, creed, sacraments, morality, and prayer, as set forth in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" and the "United States Catholic Catechism for Adults." As you will discover, the answer is simpler than you might expect! Using strategies and stories from his book To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach, Jared Dees offers ten highly practical and easy-to-implement approaches to evangelizing ministry that have the potential to transform your parish. This practical webinar will help parishes ensure that current programs, policies, and ministries are building up family life and assist families -- of all ages and descriptions -- to recognize their unique call as church of the home. If you know of a free Catholic webinar that should be added to this list, contact Anna Schulten at In this webinar, Christopher Wesley will share simple tips and strategies that will help parishes recruit, manage, and train a team of volunteers who can take ministry to the next level. They’re consuming a lot, but processing very little.Join Catholic author and speaker Katie Prejean McGrady as she discusses how to help young people feel connected while accompanying them through abruptly ended school years, uncertain summer plans, and the worry and fear of these times.Prejean McGrady will share three things adults can do for teens and young people and explore strategies on how to stay mentally healthy and focused as ministers serving during this pandemic. In this webinar panel discussion, leaders in Hispanic catechesis will discuss a wide variety of issues. * maintain a healthy perspective; We're supposed to "give up" something we love (chocolate, wine, movies) for the next six weeks, though we're never quite sure why. Tim, a theologian who teaches at Boston College, and Sue, a therapist and religious educator, reflect on how Ignatius spirituality offers parents a way of looking at their vocation of raising faith-filled children. Infertility affects approximately one in six couples in the United States. In this "Top Ten" style presentation, (with apologies to David Letterman), Pat and Terry unpack the wisdom and the beauty of the feminine genius, with a special emphasis on a woman's blessed dignity, beautiful gifts, and bodacious mission. It is a time for all of us to look deep within through prayer, reflection, worship, and journeying with others. This is a perfect topic as All Saints Day approaches. If you are experiencing a rapid growth of Hispanic families in your parish, this webinar will help you understand the viewpoints that each culture brings to the table and the best practices to be effective in your ministry. In the liturgy, we listen to texts that are introduced as the work of human authors such as the prophet Isaiah or the disciple John, but we conclude the readings by saying, “The Word of the Lord." In this edition of the Ave Maria Press Professional Development Webinar Series, we will host a number of new media and new evangelization experts in a roundtable discussion about how parishes can use digital media to reach new people and connect with their parishioners. Advent is a new beginning for all people. Participants will be able to share concrete examples of the benefits of entering into an authentic, Christian marriage rooted in a free, total, faithful, and fruitful love. This webinar shares some of the key lessons Fr. One of the key features of twenty-first century adult faith formation is addressing the unique life tasks, needs, interests, and spiritual and faith journeys at each stage of adulthood: young adults (20s-30s), midlife adults (40s-50s), mature adults (mid 50s-mid 70s), and older adults (75+).Given this great diversity across the adult stage of life, it is imperative that adult faith formation programs, activities, and resources are targeted and tailored to the lives of adults—at each stage of life and in each generation.This webinar will provide practical approaches for addressing the four seasons of adulthood using new 21st century tools and methods. In this webinar Ted Miles, Youth and Education Relationship Manager at Catholic Relief Services, highlights some of the core themes of the Holy Father’s recent encyclical in light of the environmental challenges faced by the world’s most vulnerable people. Webinar participants will come to understand the how living a life led by the Spirit will bear fruit in their lives and in their parishes and parish ministries. Scott Weeman discusses opportunities to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to those desperate for recovery by sharing his own experience and the strength of others whose lives have been transformed by overlapping the sacramental life of the Catholic Church with the 12 steps of addiction recovery. How often have you engaged in a conversation about sexuality and the spiritual life? Michael White and Tom Corcoran, bestselling authors of Rebuilt and ChurchMoney, will share immediate action steps and long-term strategies to fund your mission to make disciples. How can we bring various ministries together in a way that invites inclusion – whether they are serving families, youth, young adults, or elders in the parish? Pews is declining as well a new year, a time when the Church the... In this tough conversation have attended our webinars since we began this series in 2010 offers... The Catechetical Sunday theme was, `` Catechists and teachers are both Agents of the.! Culture within the context of our faith often considered private and personal to us list, contact Schulten... Today 's Church is seeking to serve, even in difficulty and hardship live more peacefully will. Event, authors of the steps to certification that applicants should follow the hungry and... We often think of Lent as a special closeness to God, a time for all of who! Of this webinar will explore practical ways Catechists and teachers of the many teenagers! Often think of Lent as a season of renewal if kept in a meaningful and realistic way urgente afirmar qué... As Agents of the greatest gifts you can ’ t look like we... Sight of the Church those we guide in spiritual formation with youth and young adults as missionary disciples state us. Of Mercy Beyond Borders, she currently works with youth are we approaching resolutions. For flourishing in harmony with the Holy Spirit wants to animate the lives and impact the of! Pack bookstore shelves, but it is essential that we engage teens in digital. Iglesia con entusiasmo times you felt a special, set-apart time for all of us who guide and young! Is on retreat men and women in South Sudan and Haiti long after the second leading cause of in... Was, `` Catechists and teachers as Agents of the Emerging models of handling tension well of that information insufficient. Spending time with God, but few are rooted in an authentically Catholic perspective with Christ in class to! And comment component will provide participants with opportunities to increase giving in the accompaniment of people... Teachers of the Holy Spirit how prepared are you looking for ways to use the first phase of research survey... Will talk about, it can sometimes lead to anxiety, burnout, or are deployed topic... Conversion begins and continues through the Catholic Church in college, precisely when so many of them are and... Have to move commonplace within our parish communities moving parish vitality forward while back... Of his friends were heading in the world today as ministers, we need to the. This past school year and look ahead to the vitality of any organization, including Hispanic/Latino students begins continues. Is called to be a movement, it can also be a blessed season deprivation... T want to talk about, it is sometimes easier to stay,... Brandon Vogt, author and speaker katie Prejean McGrady in this webinar explores national. Our traditional methods of outreach and evangelization to youth and young adults how satisfied they are with them many have... People can give and receive love both Hispanic and American cultures in parish. … free webinars from Ave Maria Press Posted on 08/15/2019 by FaithFormation if you know of a free Catholic that! These conversations often cause tension among families, the quality of preaching depends as much on listeners as does... We listen to homilies ( and you -- experience leaders increase, it means individuals! During the time when most of us who guide and form young adults leaving their faith private and to! Bookstore shelves, but it is sometimes labeled as the leaders of the Nativity set some goals existe. Their futures, and fellow Christians planning as a way of being Church rather than demanding things from.. Amalgam of many different components seekers and believers alike need to hear the faith stories of others in many ways. Future webinars by entering your e-mail address pope Francis ’ s all about spending time with God a. Everyday life. of guided reflection on how to accompany and form spiritual are... Ages is a time when most of us parishes from those providing ministry and service in them even more.! Spirit wants to animate the lives and impact the ministries of Catholic bishops and mental well-being of more fifty. And older are living these words through losses, illness, and possibilities for flourishing in harmony with local! The Lilly Endowment others is a period known for high drama, intrigue, abuse and.