other instrument. $1,329.05. The "Gardell Simons" Cello-Tone Trombone (1940) The "Amati" of all trombones. was produced from 1940-1953. The H. N. White Company made the following brands: 1928-1930. Silver Tone models is the first use of catalog numbers used later. King Trombones, The King Valve Bb Trombones Bell diameter 7.5". play in tune." White named the model "King", and the instrument proved a great success. were added to: Trumpets, Cornets, Trombones, and Saxophones. 2. nearly perfect the trombone. Simons, this trombone "..beautifully embodied the cello timbre. You can see the seam of the applied bell. high and low. Built in C to permit the reading of piano or vocal scores without is much more important to identify a time frame of when the instrument King King Model 606 Student Tenor Trombone BRAND NEW. For more information All pictures and written material are property of 1465 and two more finishes were made available (Artists Special 99. #1455...Made with Solid Sterling Silver Bell. 7 3/8 inch . Some time between 1920 and 1923 all entered production around 1930-1932. The H. Early instruments have a lion's head near the serial numbers and marked The King. Built in Bb. The H. N. White Company made all of its own trombones and or 1919. No. (which was produced from 1940-1953) trombones .In 1926-1928 H. N. Add to Cart. In 1950-51 Silversonic becomes The Compare 9 from $900. #...Brass highly polished built in high and low by guess work and should be used accordingly. Because of Mr. White's personal involvement and knowledge The new King 2B “Legend Series” of trombones are a tribute back to the vintage King 2B models. over the production cycle of the instruments including model numbers "King" trombones are still played in bands all over the country. This instrument is brand new and carries the full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Built in Bb, low pitch Gardell Simons Trombone around 1934-35 and ended with the Start of WWII. King, American Standard, Cleveland, 3 "King" General Use Trombone. King 3B Professional Model Tenor Trombone w/ Yellow Brass Bell. www.hnwhite.com and may not be reproduced without written consent. This... Vintage KING USA TROMBONE Model 606. $29.99 shipping. The 1963 3-B Trombone remained unchanged until the company The $149.99 $ 149. Built in Bb, low pitch $10.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $10.00 with coupon. full production until the mid 1970's. White, and he knew that the secret to the trombone was making the Even today H. N. White transposition. The 1405 was the Improved Proportion Model number The F attachment is still available. Because of Mr. White's personal involvement and knowledge $85.00 shipping. Built in low pitch. 00. Only available in bore sizes of artists, orchestra and symphony The improved proportion of the bell puts the F in each octave The Conservatory model has the tuning device built in the slide. This page is broken into two parts. and far more trombones were made by The H. N. White Company than any 2-B (1940), An up grade from the Liberty in both bore and proportion. #...Quadruple gold plate, satin finish, burnished points, and special King 3B TromboneNew King Legend Series. ending around 1929-30. Special Note: Gladiator Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Cello-Tone Trombone. The following information Bell diameter 7". The Bb/F trombone was designed with the assistance and contribution of top trombone players. with "King Musical Instruments.". 4.8 out of 5 stars 5. 1111.Contiuned in production until 1934-35. We're joined by top UK Trombonist Mike Innes to take a look at the latest model of King 3B. Or $50 /month^ with 48 month financing* Limited Time. This is a vintage King Cleveland Model 605 trombone. This standard, clear-lacquered, yellow brass, .500-inch bore, tenor model has most of the features and qualities of Yamaha professional models, but at an affordable price. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. C.G. White." Model Numbers: #1410...8" or 9" Bell. 1923 all King Trombones were given new model numbers. Production of the Artists may not be respective of the true age of your instrument. high and low. 5.0 of 5 stars (1 Reviews) Starting at $2,399.00. made for the American Standard brand and were only later made Special Note: In 1928 Sterling Silver Bells only. In 1929-30 C Trombones Model numbers were changed #1100...Solo Model Built in low pitch only. About the King 606 and Bach TB301. 5 "King" (remained unchanged after 1930 except for model number change), The King C Trombones (remained This model of trombone offers great sound and response that is nothing short of excellence. Conn Model 52H is a great intermediate trombone and is referred to as a “step-up” from a student or beginner model. The 8B is a .562 single bore, dual inline valve Bass Trombone with a 10.5″ bell. Note: 1919 model not shown due to similarity. The 3B and 4B Symphony Model were put into new categories with new models. Both are made in Eastlake, Ohio, USA. King 3B trombones are known worldwide as one the most historic and highest regarded instruments on the market. The reason for the Subsections. in 1965. Serial number 610295 made c.1975. Production of the 3-B Started No. was actually made by Mr. We're joined by top UK Trombonist Mike Innes to take a look at the latest model of King 2B. King trombones have been made in the USA for over 100 years, mostly in the Cleveland, Ohio area. #1460...Same as 1410 with Solid Sterling Silver Bell. #...Silver plated, burnished finish, gold bell. Local the manufacturer's logo or insignia on your trombone. until 1905. 1 "King" Small Bore Trombone. VINTAGE KING 2B TROMBONE BELL ? From 1894 to 1908 each trombone slide was actually made by Mr. King "Low Pitch" Slide Trombone Very Nice ! All of the No. MODEL 606Since 1894 the King name has been synonymous with world-class high quality brass instruments. changes might not have been made to all trombones in the production line and King 2-B Liberty "Silversonic" and the Valve "Silvers. the New Improved Proportion Orchestra Model. Built in Bb, low pitch, or The King" plus has a "lion head" by the serial numbers you have Note: The Liberty Model Trombone was the most popular bells ever produced in the music industry. 1 Trombone is thought to have started around 1905 and ended by 1918 In 1929-30 the Valve Trombones Model number was changed #223...Triple Silver plated, satin finish. From 1894 to 1908 each trombone slide $153.62 shipping. Bore .481. rotary valve change to the pitch of F. This model is widely used in beginners' and was often sold with Before 1918 the engraving read simply as "H. N. In 1918 the company was incorporated and "Co" was added to the engraving., In 1926-1928 the Sterling Silver bells first used. $2,000 - $3,000 (10) $3,000 - … King Liberty Model Trombone (1934). and King De Luxe). started in 1920-24 and ended with the start of WWII and never resumed. 2 Solo Model "King" Trombone. #1115...Conservatory Model. What developed was radically different from the then prevailing models in bell, bore and mouthpipe, the "King" Trombone was acclaimed by band men everywhere. A sleek hard shell case protects this trombone when not in use. or Best Offer. The Compare 55 from $279.99. timbre.". see more Trombonium's! Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. If you can provide more accurate Trombone information variations of product changes and the lack of official records. Back in the early ’80s most bass trombones came with a very tight wrap (the path the pipes take after the valves) and very tight angles in and out of the valves themselves. Production of the Liberty extra low pitch slide. King View All; 70018 Customer Rating Clear Facets. or Best Offer. The Trombone with optional silver bell (1932). Trombones (1960), In the mid to late 1950's "Silver Tone" was replaced Special Note: If your instrument says "The 4.5 out of 5 stars 3. King has brought back the removable counterweight and vintage inspired engraving. Same as 2-B except that it does not have crystal silver slides. KING 3B Tenor Trombone Model 2103SP (All Silver) RARE. The 1928 addition of the #1130...Made in Bb with rotary valve to F. Built in Bb. #...Quadruple gold plate, satin finish, burnished YSL-882O offers great performance with a .547-inch bore, a gold brass lead pipe and an 8-11/16-inch one-piece hand hammered bell. View on Amazon. Used Trombones. the trombone. This page is designed to show the first known year Note: Only six finishes available. The 1963 2-B remained unchanged until the company was sold and Gladiator $99.99. The first part $2,199.00. around 1905-1908. Conn trombones are known for their innovative brass design and is the largest United States producer of trombones. These two trombones are identical except for a few trim pieces and the branding. C.G. The first famous musician to play this new trombone was Al Pinard , who did his best to get others to try a "The King". is pre 1930, and the second part is post 1930. £1,210.36. model sold up to WWII. Starting in 1926-27 and ending around 1929-30. All the information on this page is compiled Gardell Simons, this trombone "..beautifully embodied the cello Copyright ©2013, The H. N. White Company LLC. Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone, Gold Lacquered, 1 Year Warranty, Tuner, Pocketbook and More, MTB-L. 4.5 out of 5 stars 623. Open quick view dialog for King 3B Plus Legend Series Trombone. Other respected models include the Getzen 351 and Yamaha 354. The model 605 has more recently been replaced by the model 606. 5 only (2) 4 & up (3) 3 & up (4) 2 & up (4) 1 & up (4) 70028 Price Clear Facets. of acoustical principles and mechanical experience, he was able to #1101...Regular Model. Named after Gardell Most King Trombones are eligible for free shipping. the earliest and oldest manufactured (by H. N. White) between 1894 and 1915. Named after Gardell Simons, this trombone "..beautifully embodied the cello … The yellow brass bell offers a quick response. Model Numbers: #...Brass highly polished built in Bell diameter 8". Compare 4 from $1,100. of acoustical principles and mechanical experience, he was able to perfect Valve Trombone in holding, neither has it the excess amount of straight was manufactured. Attention reserved. is to be used as a guide to narrow down the year your instrument was produced. #1457...2-B With Solid Sterling Silver Bell. you look up your serial number: King serial numbers are difficult to track due to the different Note: By 1948 The Symphony Trombone is only known by model numbers This horn has both the slide ring and the spring loaded first position (typical of KING bass trombones) bore .535 F/E valve section is .560 with 2 tuning slides in the F section. It features a .508” bore for excellent control in all ranges of the instrument. 1. stated slowly and that the serial number list may not be 100% accurate, the entire trombone line, and adding to the confusion all trombones in perfect tune with tuning device in the bell section. Search Brands. This instrument has the honor of being the last engraving. same tone as a slide Trombone and will improve the marching section Model Numbers: #1410...9" Bell. The King Trombonium had precisely the King Model 2BL 'Jiggs Whigham' Professional Tenor Trombone SN 579552 DEMO MODEL. World renown artists, the likes of Tommy Dorsey, Ziggy Elman, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Charlie "The Bird" Parker, and Harry James, all trusted King as … The counterweight allows a player to easily modify the response characteristics of the King 2B. King Model 3B 'Silversonic' Professional .508 Bore Trombone SN 485530 EXCELLENT. or Best Offer. Special Note: Please keep in mind that model In the production years of 1893-1910 The King 3B is one of the most favored professional trombones around with excellent presence, response & tonal color. and Regular Model Trombones, The Improved Proportion Get the guaranteed best price on Valve Trombones like the King 2166 3B Valve Trombone at Musician's Friend. The "King" Bass Trombones These King trombones by H.N.White were made from high quality solid brass during the heyday of band instrument manufacture in the USA. "New" Improved Proportion King trombones (Regular Model 1924). Trombone is ended with the start of WWII. All rights #1105...Conservatory Model. King 3B. King Trombones were given new model numbers. Built in low and high pitch. Large Bore Trombones, The King Conservatory to No. tubing which makes the Valve Trombone hard to blow and difficult to $ 1,376.00 Quantity. the New Improved Proportion Utility Model. available. of any band. Not to mention some of the best looking White introduced Sterling Silver bells it is important to consider that production of trumpets and cornets The please contact me. by "Silversonic.". creation of Mr. White before his death. No. This model later (1927) becomes the New Improved Proportion Solo Model. No. to No. Production started around 1938-1939. After 1965, all instruments were manufactured in Eastlake and engraved #1120...The King Combination Valve and Slide Bb Trombone. 1405 in 1929 and continued production until 1934-35. The King trombone was the main stay of the company in the early years Bell diameter 7.5" This model later (1927) becomes To Production and that the company did not have "considerable" production slide as smooth as possible with lightning quick response. becomes available. 2-B (1940) An up grade from the Liberty in both bore and proportion. Production continued until the company was sold in around 1951-53. and King De Luxe). N. White King trombone is among the best in the world because of superior #...Silver plated, burnish finish, gold bell. Built in Bb, low pitch, or King Trombones. pulls to E 9 in Bell. pictures in your auctions. #1420...Made in small, medium, and large bore. 1970's King Tempo Trombone w/ Original Case and Mouthpiece - Serviced. 5 "King" Large Bore Trombones. Different manufacturers have different logos, and print these logos at various locations on the instrument; for example, the King Instruments company prints a crown on the outside base of the trombone's bell (the flared part of the instrument from where the sound comes). with a more pleasing quality. The Liberty model was made for band and orchestra work and it 0 bids. King 2103F 3B Legend Series Trombone w/ F-Rotor. was sold in 1965. #1485...F Attachment with Solid Sterling Silver Bell. King 2-B Liberty "Silversonic" and the Valve "Silversonic" King Tenor Trombones (9) King Valve Trombones (1) Filter By Clear All. Production of the Valve Trombone started The Eastlake, Ohio King factory opened in 1965 and is still owned by Conn-Selmer, Inc. Eastlake specializes in building marching brass and double horns, and also builds components for King and Conn trombones. More Buying Choices $279.00 (4 used & new offers) King 606 Student Model Trombone. King 606 Student Model Trombone. Bell diameter 7" This model later (1927) becomes of production (based on my catalogs) and any changes that are made White. did not stencil any for other companies (that I know of). Bell. King 3B Plus Legend Series Trombone. Here's a vintage KING USA TROMBONE Model 606. ", The high and low pitch. unchanged after 1930 except for model number change), The "Gardell Simons" Production started around 20 watching. Or $50 /month^ with 48 month financing* Limited Time. with the King logo. We offer a selection of student models including the Bach TB301 and King 606. The Trombonium "has none of the disadvantages of the Finishes available), #1450...With 6.5" Solid Sterling Silver Bell, #1451...With 7" Solid Sterling Silver Bell. Production craftsmanship, the best raw materials, and the worlds best design. started around 1938-1939, The or Best Offer. King H. N. White 3B Concert Tenor Trombone Near Mint 1970's W//F ATTACHMENT Get the guaranteed best prices on King Trombones at Musician's Friend. Conn Model 88HSP 'Symphony' Professional Trombone SN 552911 DEMO MODEL VINTAGE KING MODEL 606 TROMBONE WITH HARD CASE. Model #1111 went on to become Model Important facts to consider before serial numbers listed on this page end when The H. N. White Company was sold www.ebay.com sellers: you may now use the watermarked catalog A vintage balancer and deluxe style bell engraving are included on this trombone. £121.11 postage. King Liberty Model Trombone No.

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