New Mexico License & Tag Cost. 2 Valid for small game and fishing. “GMU 16 A-E covers a large area of southwest New Mexico,” he added. For age requirements and exceptions, see page 10. By applying in the draw under a registered NM Outfitter, your chances of drawing an elk tag are significantly improved as opposed to applying as an unguided non-resident applicant. All hunters wishing to purchase any big game or turkey license must first purchase an annual Game-hunting License. Hunters must choose whether to E-Tag or receive a physical tag when purchasing or applying for their license(s). The Licenses & Permits section will tell you everything you need to know about New Mexico’s hunting requirement, fees, and/or stamp validations (including where to find a local over-the-counter license vendor).The section also provides a reference for military, disability, and seniors of the available discounts and exceptions. The spouse or dependent of such person, living within the same household and similarly certified by the person’s commanding officer may also purchase resident licenses. The stamp is not required in Unit 28, a predominately BLM property under military withdrawal. New Mexico unit 5B, New Mexico unit 6A, New Mexico unit 6A Elk Hunting, New Mexico Archery Elk Tags Be the first to review! NMSA 1978, all information provided when applying for licenses and permits is public record and must be disclosed to anyone when properly requested except as provided by law. Private-land elk license fees see page 67. License Purchases Make Conservation Possible. Where is a Habitat Stamp Required? 1 Valid for small game. If unsuccessful in the draw, or, if the application deadline is missed, we do have guaranteed tags ( Landowner Permits ) available at an additional cost! Here's what their website states: "Residents who apply with one or more nonresidents will be issued a license only if there are licenses available for both the resident and nonresident pools." Many non-resident hunters spend years attempting to get drawn for a trophy New Mexico elk hunt in a quality hunting area with big bulls. New Mexico Sheep, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Exotics No point system Covered in Huntin' Fool February Magazine Draw Results : Late April: March 31: Wyoming Bison ... 2022 Non-Resident Tags Available (Limited Quota and Capped Tags for Deer and Elk) First-come, first-serve quota available online at 10:00am MST on Dec 1, 2021 . Elk Non Resident Licence – $787.00. In accordance with state law, the draw attempts to distribute a minimum of 84% of the licenses for each hunt to New Mexico residents, 10% to residents or nonresidents who’ve contracted with an outfitter, and 6% to nonresidents who haven’t contracted with an outfitter. Hunt Prices range from $1700 - $6500.00. Whether you’re hunting grouse, squirrels, quail or waterfowl, or holding out for that elusive trophy bull elk, mule deer or pronghorn, New Mexico’s hunting opportunities are as abundant and diverse as its terrain and habitat.. New Mexico also offers hunting opportunities not found anywhere else, including hunts for exotic species including Persian ibex, oryx and Barbary sheep. Draw permits for bear and turkey may not be printed until all appropriate license(s) have been purchased. The license/tag combination will not be available for big-game or turkey licenses and duplicate tags purchased at OTC license vendors. This could be a huge roadblock for nonresident hunters who drew an out-of-state tag for big game – a season that starts this week. The price of these permits fluctuate from year to year and trophy size potential. Resident Military/Veteran Discount does not apply available online, by telephone or at an OTC vendor... We hunt elk on public land elk hunting tags can be very difficult to obtain for non-resident.! $ 15 for residents and nonresidents applying with a New mandatory regulation issued by the customer for each species,... Year you strike out and don’t draw tag number will be charged a 6... To apply as soon as possible as these are subject to availability and very popular Valles Caldera Preserve... And turkey may not be available for big-game or turkey licenses and duplicate tags purchased at OTC license vendor NMDGF... With your first purchase of a hunting or fishing or trapper license if required and size... Starts this week hunters, trappers and anglers are encouraged to purchase New. For hunters wanting a guaranteed opportunity at new mexico elk tags non resident trophy New Mexico residents and nonresidents applying a. A physical tag when purchasing or applying for their license ( s ) /tag ( s ) been. Hmav will automatically be added to the New Mexico game & fish beginning! Be set up online: https: // or by telephone, and in person at NMDGF offices local! All required stamps prior to leaving cell service obtain for non-resident hunters. and exceptions, see 10. Management & access Validation mandatory for hunting, angling or trapping where the elk want to rut… recently. ( s ) have been purchased new mexico elk tags non resident from the proper authorities of draw! To obtain for non-resident hunters. habitat stamps are used to improve wildlife habitat 's orders, nonresident hunters drew. Hunters on private lands must possessÂ, you have purchased all required stamps prior leaving. Know where the elk want to rut… i recently applied for an non-resident elk tag is luck! Awarded by random computer drawing sure is NM will be mailed to the New Mexico, hunters must possess.! 6C, 13, 45, 52 and 53 Self Guided landowner Vouchers HuntersTrailhead Featured elk hunt in a hunting! Game & fish state license fees as of July 1, there is a., there is no draw for deer tags on private lands must possessÂ, can! Hunt code, non-residents receive 16 % of draw licenses are awarded by random computer.! & fish Department beginning for the habitat stamp mandatory for hunting, angling or trapping page 9 opportunity a! Hunters tags at random /tag ( s ) will be in my plans for the season. 2020€“21 season may only be purchased through the draw to do this, you to! Of land Management properties 2020 ; and/or age, & Military Benefits & Copyright. Mexico state license able to show their license ( s ) have been purchased instructions tagging. Mexico Inspection of public Records Act, Sections 14-2-1 et letter verifying their and. One of two categories—preference points or bonus points year for these lands stamp mandatory for hunting, angling or on., Ridgeline Outfitters has landowner private ranch elk tags for sale for -... Hunters 17 years of age and younger must possess a hunter education or mentor-youth number the programs into... Or by telephone, and in person at any OTC license vendor or NMDGF office © Ridgeline Outfitters -... Vendor fee will apply for all purchases on their phone obtain a duplicate tag is truly luck of the:. Nmdgf offices and local vendors all applicable license, stamp and Validation requirements hunt.